Hello 2017! It’s the end of Feb!

A few months ago I was starting an evening typing session when a certain little one woke and needed cuddles and milk.  The herbal tea I had made myself slowly cooled as it sat next to the open laptop on the couch. An almost full cup of liquid, an expensive electronic device, and a flailing child – what could possibly go wrong? One deft little foot gave one swift kick, and the inevitable happened.

I tried all the tricks I knew, but sadly my poor old laptop slowly lost functionality until the best I could hope for was slowly scrolling one of my previously bookmarked sites. My faithful old Macbook had reached the end of its life.  I tried to make blogging and budgeting work with an iPad and a smart phone, but apps just don’t cut it for full functionality. So last weekend, after much deliberation, I placed an order online for a replacement laptop. It came yesterday, and it is marvelous in all its cheap-but-functional glory!  It’s hardly an upgrade, and I’m having an adjustment period going back to Windows OS after years of Macs, but I’ll get there.  I was always a PC girl at heart anyway!

We have so much to catch up on here.  I can’t believe its the end of February already! 1/6th of the way through 2017.  Elva turned 2 a week ago! We’ve moved house and the playroom is almost up and fully running (just need a trip to ikea – eventually!) and after one too many incidents we made the decision to go totally gluten free in our home, and 99% dairy free.  Lots to catch up on – hopefully that means lots of motivation to blog!




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