Diagnosis Stories – Stacey and Taio


We received a pre-natal positive test result for Down syndrome at 21-22 weeks into my pregnancy. After receiving this result we were given no information by any doctor or midwife, we were just told to google and research Down syndrome. It wasn’t until one of my appointments with a new female doctor at the hospital that I was told to abort my baby, because with him having Down syndrome it would bring stress to our family and nothing but health issues for our unborn son.

We decided after receiving our positive test results for Trisomy 21 that we were keeping our son. The doctor was against us keeping our son and explained to us in her religion it would be taboo for us to keep him. We asked for a new doctor regarding the concerns we had for treatment and his caring needs after his birth. I was given a new doctor who understood what we wanted and everything that was going on with our son. 

I was induced 4weeks early due to complications. My son Taio was born weighing 2.5kgs and 47.5cms long. He didn’t need any help breathing on his own or any other complications. He spent the night in the special care nursery. Taio feed well from the beginning and we were sent home the next day. Apart from having toxic levels of jaundice at 7 days old Taio has never had any major health issues. Everything we were told before his birth about his breathing and heart and all other health issues he would have, Taio has never had any of them. Basically we were told a bunch of things that doctors wouldn’t know 100% themselves until after Taios birth. 

If we could go back in time I would have chosen not to have had pre-natal testing, as the treatment we received from most doctors was unreasonable and cruel, because they always made out our unborn son would never have a good life. Well unbeknown to the doctors our son is now 16months old and enjoys life. He loves being outside and playing with his siblings. Taio has shown no matter what the odds put against you, everyone deserves a chance to live and to show the world that they are also people. People who can bring change and love to not just a family, but also their community. Having Taio in our lives has changed it for the better and shown us the world in a new light, but it has also shown us there are some very judgemental people out there. More education is needed on Down syndrome, but hopefully one day our children can change the world no matter who they are.
– Stacey, Taio’s mum.


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